Resume Writing Tips : FAQ

What personal information should I put in my résumé?
We suggest that personal information, included in your résumé, be kept to a minimum. Contact information should be sufficient. Any information detailing race, political party affiliation, sex, sexual preference, martial status, et cetera, is deemed unnecessary and illegal if asked by the employer.
What is an “electronic résumé,” and how do I create one?
An electronic résumé is a simplified version of your printed résumé, which is designed to look good when viewed in an email message or on a web page. For detailed instructions on converting a word-processed résumé to an electronic one, visit the Résumé Text in the Quick Guide on the right menu bar on the Go2WorkSource homepage.
How should my résumé be formatted?
Do not use tabs. They are ignored by web browsers, and behave unpredictably in e-mail programs. Avoid trying to indent or center text using the spacebar. Keep all lines left justified against the page, and use line breaks to separate headings and sections. Don’t rely on exact positioning of text using spaces or specific fonts.
The font that you use to create your résumé is not necessarily the same font that will be used to display it on the Internet or in an employer’s e-mail program. To emphasize a word or words, use ALL CAPS, or surround the text using *asterisks* or #other characters#.

For bulleted lists, use the asterisk (*), hyphen (-), plus sign (+) or a similar character. Keep in mind that long lines of text may wrap underneath the bullets. Don’t try to control the width of lines using carriage returns. If you allow your text to wrap normally, it will look consistently good even if the browser window is resized.
How can I maximize the number of employers who see my résumé?
Use enough key words to define your skills, experience, education, professional affiliations, etc. Be sure that each of your most marketable skills is mentioned at least once. Use abbreviations and acronyms specific to your industry. Spell out the acronyms for human readers. This will ensure that your résumé comes up whether the employer searches by the abbreviation or the full word. Example: RN, Registered Nurse. Increase your list of keywords by including specifics. For example, list the names of software you use, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, C++, etc. Use common headings, such as: Objective, Skills, Experience, Work History, Employment History, Positions Held, Education, Summary of Qualifications, Accomplishments, Strengths, Professional Affiliations, Publications, Papers, Licenses, Certifications, Honors, Technical Skills, Personal, Miscellaneous, etc. Be sure to include a clear Objective statement that tells employers what kind of job you are looking for. This is especially important if you have many different skills or experience in different fields. Describe your experience with concrete words rather than vague descriptions. For example, it’s better to use “managed a team of 7 software engineers,” rather than “responsible for managing, training.” Be concise and truthful. Use more than one page if necessary.
If you have extra space, describe your personal traits and attitude. Key points could include skilled in time management, dependable, high energy, leadership, quick learner, self-starter, professional, team player, etc.

Can I use HTML tags in my résumé?
Yes. Only the bold <b> and italics <i> HTML tags are allowed to format your résumé. . If you choose to include HTML tags, please use the Preview button to check the formatting before submitting your résumé to WorkSource. Although it is relatively easy to learn the basics of HTML, this feature is intended for advanced users, and an HTML tutorial is beyond the scope of this document. For more information on how to use HTML tags, visit your favorite search engine and look up “HTML Tutorial.”
Should I include references when posting a résumé to the Internet?
We ask that you do NOT include reference names or telephone numbers with your electronic résumé. References should only be given to an employer if the employer asks for them. Your references may not want their names and telephone numbers posted on the Internet.
What contact information is best to use on my online résumé?
Use the contact information that is most likely to connect an employer with you quickly. Your e-mail address is recommended.